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CCNU Delegation Visited Universities in Australia and New Zealand.

Revision:Sun Ruilin;Patrick NietzscheDate:2018/04/12

On March 17th to 24th, Vice President Xia Lixin led a delegation to visit the Australian National University, Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Auckland in New Zealand, to promote high level cooperation between the science related Institutes of CCNU and first-class universities in Australia and New Zealand. To advance the construction  of international scientific research platform. The leaders of the Graduate School, Office of International Cooperation and exchanges, Colledge of Physical Science and Technology, College of Chemistry, School of Life Sciences and other related units were part of the delegation.

They first visited the Swinburne University of Technology and communicated with Professor Monica Kennedy, Deputy Principal of the school, and the relevant person-in-charge of the institute of Science, Chemistry and Biotechnology and the International Department. They discussed about the progress of the cooperation in the institute of Biotechnology, the undergraduate exchange programs, master and PHD  students. In addition, ,a number of consensus have been reached in cooperation with the schools of Physics, Electronic Engineering, Chemistry and Psychology. The two sides also agreed on the update of students exchange programs and protocol about running the schools cooperatively. The delegation also visited the national advanced manufacturing technology center and some teaching experimental facilities of Swinburne University of Technology and also met with some students from a cooperatively-run institute of Biotechnology of CCNU that are studying in Australia.

On 20th, the delegation visited the Australian National University in Canberra and met the Vice President and Minister of the Department of science, Professor Coghlan Keke. The delegation also went to the school of chemistry, the Institute of physics, the Institute of biology and the institute of psychology to negotiate and communicate in separate groups. In the group meetings, there was a cooperation intention for joint training of postgraduates, CO hosting academic conferences, joint education and a joint research platform. The agreement on student exchange and cooperation in running schools will be completed by letter signed by both sides.

The delegations final visit was  the University of Auckland, New Zealand . Professor di Jeanne, deputy vice-chancellor of the school received the delegation , the leaders of graduate institute, the business  institute and the international department also attended the reception. The two sides carried out consultations on the implementation of strategic docking and cooperation on their respective dominant disciplines.Vice Chancellor and Minister of science, Professor John Hosking led the  leading officials of physical chemical,biological, information management and other subjects discussed about running school cooperatively  and joint scientific research centers.They reached a number of agreements to promote the implementation of the agreement by the protocol.The delegation  also visited the teaching and experimental sites, such as the Department of science, business and psychology, and visited the alumni of the Oakland University.

During the visit to Australia, the delegation also visited the Australian education management group headquarters, and discussed the issues of cloud campus construction and overseas training of teachers in Australia and China. The head of Australian education group indicated  that it would donate money to CCNU to set up an international exchange fund for Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, so as to help more students to go to Australia for inter-college exchanges and studying abroad.

In addition, the delegation made a special trip to visit Education group of the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne to seek the support of our overseas institutions and enhance a relationship with Australia's top universities. A meeting of the Australian doctorate Salon was also held where the position of CCNU to the Executive Committee was introduced. Xia Lixin  welcomed the Chinese doctoral students and manyyouths who work or study in Australia to seek jobs in China and join in CCNU on behalf of the school.

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