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Nine Students of CCNU Were Funded by The Hong Kong Alumni Association

Revision:Sun Ruilin;Akib IrfanDate:2018/04/12

On April 2nd,symposium between CCNU and Hong Kong Alumni Association as well as the Hong Kong Alumni Association Scholarship Award Ceremony was held in the conference room on the first floor of the administrative building.Vice President Cai Hongsheng, Honorary President of Hong Kong Alumni Association, Zhu Dacheng, Secretary Xie Chengguo and other alumni representatives in Hong Kong attended the symposium.

Returned to the long separated alma mater, alumni in Hong Kong were surprised by the great changes in their alma mater, their words revealed the profound sentiments towards CCNU. The alumni also lunched discussions and communicate about how to create the characteristics of our campus, improve the popularity of CCNU in Hong Kong area,and increase the publicity of CCNU' teachers. All the alumni actively make suggestions for the development of CCNU.

After the speeches, the Hong kong Alumni Association Scholarship Award Ceremony started. Xie Chengguo introduced that the Hongkong scholarship was established by the Honorary President of Hong Kong Alumni Association, Chen Mantang, who donated four hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars as a fund. The scholarship is aiming at funding 5 Hong Kong students studying in CCNU each year. Yang Shumin, the delegate of the award-winning students conveyed her point of view that the establishment of the Hong Kong Scholarship has greatly encouraged students from Hong Kong, enable them to lead a better life and study more hard in CCNU.  

In the speech summery,Cai Hongsheng used two sentences to describe the gorgeous Spring scenery he saw in CCNU,and the profound sentiments of friendship he felt in CCNU, he commented that the establishment of Hong Kong Scholarship will stimulate more students from Hong Kong to study in CCNU. He emphasized that alumni are the most solid and reliable power of alma mater, and all departments should attach great importance to alumni work. Cherish the feelings of alumni, set the wisdom of alumni, tap alumni resources, and play the role of alumni. Alma mater is always the spiritual home and strong rear of alumni, providing the most sincere help and support for them.

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