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CCNU International Student Going to America for Internship

Revision:Che Xinrui, Zhang Yuntong,Patrick NietzscheDate:2018/04/20

Malebogo Portia Buxton, an international student from Botswana has been studying for a Master’s Degree in the School of Sociology of CCNU since September, 2016. She will go to Hong Kong and New York for an internship with the United Nations, beginning on 4th of June this year. Professor Darrell Irwin provided his students with such an opportunity and Portia applied, fortunately she got the chance. Portia is enthusiastic, even when we talked with her we could feel her passion towards her major, sociology, and her positive attitude towards life.

During the interview, she expressed her gratitude for CCNU, especially for the School of Sociology.

Q 1: Can you talk a little bit about your studying experience, your life in CCNU and hobbies?

Life here is interesting. I met different people, met students from different countries that I did not even know existed.

As for studying, CCNU made sure that we had the best professors, with whom we can communicate in English, such as professors from the USA. When these professors came to China for a visiting, they would teach us for some semesters. They knew what we were doing and they gave us a lot of important knowledge.

One of my hobbies is travelling. Besides enjoying a colorful school life, I also had a wonderful time visiting a lot of places in Wuhan, at some point, we went on a boat cruise on the river for a short course. I also enjoy Chinese food. Actually I can use chopsticks.

Q 2: Did you take the class called History of Chinese Sociology?

Sociology is a great subject, we do learn different issues. I’ve written some papers on Chinese sociology. We do study Chinese sociology, because we are in China so we should know about the people who gives us the opportunity.

Q 3: Do you think sociology is interesting?

it’s interesting to understand how people live, It’s interesting to get to know what really happens in a society and what causes whatever happens. It’s about what’s happening in life. It’s not about feelings, It’s about things that are happening to us and  we talk about the problems that exist in a society. You do not imagine things, you think about things that do exist, you think about corruption, debts and education.

It shows that CCNU and the School of Sociology produces students that are excellent, students that are able to compete with other students all around the world.

Q4: What is the schedule of your internship ?

I will go to Hong Kong for one month and then I will move to New York. I have different projects in different places.

Q 5: What do you want to say to CCNU?

I’ll definitely miss my professor, CCNU, my classmates with whom I spent a wonderful time. I miss the life here and I want to come back to CCNU in the future.

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