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Mi Chu and Zhang Kaiyuan Have Talks About Ancient Literature Research

Revision:Cao Siyu;Patrick NietzscheDate:2018/04/24

Recently, at the invitation of the Zhang Kaiyuan Foundation for Cultural Exchange, the former director of the Asian Division of the US  Library of Congress, Mi Chu, as the twenty-fourth "Zhang Kaiyuan  Lecturer", came to CCNU to give lectures.


Mi Chu had a conference with Zhang Kaiyuan (former President of CCNU) and Ma Min ( professor of Institute of Modern Chinese History). At the beginning, Mi Chu introduced the manuscripts of her home collection such as Ju Zheng and the Revolution of 1911,Ju Zheng and Modern China, and many Chinese ancient books. She indicated that the books were collated and compiled by associating with teams and with the assistance of her own family's convenience and her work experience for decades in the Library of Congress. She shared the stories behind these ancient books, and admitted that she still had many historical data unfinished. She said that sorting out and publishing these ancient books is not only her job as a scholar, but also a mission of inheriting family culture.


Zhang Kaiyuan thought these books were beautifully printed and magnificent, and their historical data was also valuable. He said that the two sides can cooperate in  the cultural exchanges between the East and the West and collate the historical materials together which can provide valuable information for the relevant research of Chinese scholars, and also conformed to his vision of making more contributions to the "learning from the East". He also proposed that CCNU should set up special columns in the library, collecting and displaying these books  so that they can play a greater role.


Ma Min welcomed the arrival of Mi Chu and made recommendations for specific cooperation between the two sides. At the end of the talks, Mi said that the books would be given to the library of CCNU in the future, and Mr. Zhang also gave her the diary of his stay in the United States, as well as gave the original records of the Revolution of 1911 out to the Library of Congress.


In the afternoon of the same day, she made an academic report entitled "the Chinese Book Collection in the Library of Congress and the Sino American Diplomatic and Cultural History " in the report hall of the first floor of the Shaw International Conference Centre. In the report, she combined  her work and research, vividly narrated the story of the Chinese book collection in the Library of Congress and the Sino American diplomatic and cultural history .


Mi has worked in the Library of Congress for thirty-five years. In the past ten years, she sorted out, interpreted, analyzed and digitalized more than a thousand Chinese ancient books since Song and Yuan dynasties (including the only copy extant from home and abroad), the frontier minority cultural relics (such as Naxi Scripture), the publication of the Christianity that came to China (such as the Collection Book of William Gamble) and the important literature recorded through the Sino American cultural exchange since the Qing Dynasty, and actively carried out academic research with experts and scholars of Sinology from Europe, America and Asia.


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