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Nobel Prize Winner Sauvage Attend CCNU Forum

Revision:Zhang Yuntong,Akib IrfanDate:2018/04/24

ON April 17th, Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage,  academician of French Academy of Sciences, who won the 2016 Nobel Prize come to our school for a visit. He attended the 185th CCNU Forum and made a presentation entitled “From the Chemical Behavior of Topology to Molecular Machines” for students and teachers, lead them to learn about the history of the chemical behavior of topology and appreciate the charm of molecular machines.

During the forum, Prof. Sauvage introduced some research projects and key figures behind his achievements at first. Later, he shared with the audience all kinds of important chemical reactions discovered by him and his team and made a systematical introduction about the field of the chemical behavior of topology. Taking the molecular machines in organisms as an example, Prof. Sauvage brought forward a concept of artificially synthesized molecular machines and the importance of molecular machines, told in detail his research team’s transformation from photo catalytic water-splitting to the field of mechanical stereochemistry and provided the outlook on the potential value of molecular machines’ application in the research fields of electronics housings and analog molecular motor.

At the end of the forum, Prof. Sauvage showed us a video clip about his being awarded the Nobel Prize and interacted with teachers and students.

Jean-Pierre Sauvage is specialized in mechanical stereochemistry, acting as the pioneer of the research field of supramolecular chemistry. He developed a template for the synthesis of mechanically interlocked molecules (such as alkane and hydrocarbon) in the process of molecular recognition and assembly, moreover vigorously promoted the development of this field. He makes outstanding achievements in the design and synthesis of molecular machines, for which he has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with American Scientist J. Fraser Stoddart and Dutch Scientist Bernard L. Feringa.

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