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Sreemati Chakrabarti coming to CCNU to give lectures about India

Revision:Cao Siyu; Sun RuilinDate:2018/04/26



Recently, at the invitation of CCNU and the Institute of Chinese Studies, Sreemati Chakrabarti, professor of the Department of East Asian Studies in University of Delhi,  came to CCNU as a visiting faculty for nearly a month (from April 1st to April 29th )to give lectures to the School of History and Culture in CCNU.


During the visit, she gave approximately 12 lectures about Political History and Politics of Contemporary India and four alternate lectures about Women’s issues, Minorities, Rural India and Education in English. Apart from teaching, she also paid a visit to the scenic spots in Wuhan, such as Hankou beach, Yellow Crane Tower and Mao Zedong's former Residence. This is the second time of her visiting Wuhan, she felt that Wuhan has changed a lot, additionally she also commented that CCNU is getting more stunning for having more new buildings, and the school is now applying increasingly advanced teaching techniques and the students’ English language ability is much better now.


Sreemati Chakrabarti is the professor and former head of the Department of East Asian Studies in University of Delhi, former dean of Faculty of Social Sciences in University of Delhi. She has published many excellent books regarded to China, such as China and the Naxalites, Mao, China’s Intellectuals and the Cultural Revolution and so on. Meanwhile,she has fulfilled numerous International Assignments. She has also made remarkable achievements in scientific research and papers.

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