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International Study Opportunities in UC Berkeley

Revision:Che Xinrui,Wang Yihan;AkigDate:2018/04/19

In April 17th, 2017, Professor Jennie from BSIP project came to CCNU to select the exchange students studying abroad.

The UC Berkeley Sociology Department has established a program (BISP), in which international students from different universities across the globe are invited by Professor Trond Petersen to take courses in some certain departments. These students take UC Berkeley courses through the UC Berkeley Extension International Concurrent Enrollment program on a space availability basis. Students are expected to enroll in 12 units in the participating departments. Since the start of the 2014 spring batch selection in November 2013, the BISP project has successfully completed the recruitment, selection and dispatch of 9 batches. There are now 95 students from 11 colleges, including Department of Sociology, Department of Psychology, Institute of History and Culture,  Department of Mathematics and Statistics,  Department of Physics and Technology, Department of Computer Sciences, Department of Public Administration, Department of Chemistry, Department of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Arts and Information, and  Department of Information Management, benefiting from this project and are going to the University of California, Berkeley for one or two terms’ study.

1.Q: What can the program bring to the exchange students?

A: This is a life-changing experience to be able to study in another environment, to be in another part of the world, to learn about their field of study in a different perspective, to learn with other professors and other students. They are engaging with other students. They are engaging with different ideas and different backgrounds and cultures, so there’s a lot of experience they can get from studying abroad.

2.Q: How is the life like in Berkley University for exchange students?

A: Most CCNU students take three or four classes to study some new lessons. They learn from different background classmates. Their living there is wonderful including library, restaurant, cafeteria and so on.

3.Q: What’s your impression of the Chinese students?

A: The students who get from Central China Normal University are excellent. They are very well-prepared. They are very inquisitive, very bright. They are hard-working. They are studying a lot. They are doing incredibly well in their courses and doing well socially and academically, and really making the most of that experience to be able to live abroad.

4.Q: Could you give some tips for our students who want to apply for this project?

A: My suggestion for students who want to study abroad is to start earlier. It’s never too early to think about studying abroad. Make plans for what you should do and when you should apply for studying abroad. Practice your oral English by speaking with your friends. Practice your reading English by reading magazines and newspapers. Practice your listening skills by listening to English songs and watching English movies. These three abilities can help you adjust to the life abroad much easier.

5.What kind of students do you appreciate most?

A: I appreciate all kinds of students. They are all unique in their own way.

6. What is the specific tips for the students applying to Berkeley?

A: Just meet all the standards I’ve mentioned. There’s no quota, and we can enroll all the students who are above the standard level.

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