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The Third International Symposium on the Chinese Form of Marxist Literary Criticism

Revision:Sun Ruilin;Akib IrfanDate:2018/05/21

May 5th is the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth, on this day, the Third International Symposium on the Chinese Form of Marxist Literary Criticism, the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Marx and the 170th Anniversary of the Publication of Manifesto of the Communist Party was held in CCNU. More than a hundred academics and scholars from Saint-Petersburg State University, Duke University, University of New South Wales, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University,  Nanjing University,  Shandong University, Zhejiang University and Sichuan University discussed about the historical process, theoretical characteristics and critical paradigm of Marxist literary criticism in China and the form of Western Marxist literary criticism.

Qin Hong, Vice Chairman of the University Council, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. According to him, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that Marxism has greatly promoted the process of human civilization. So far, it is still a system of thought and discourse with great international influence. Marx is still recognized as "the greatest thinker of the Millennium" at the 200th Anniversary Congress of Commemorating the Birth of Marx. Qin Hong believes that, under the premise of insisting on the theory of Marx unswervingly, Chinese Marx literary criticism needs to find new issues in Chinese context, and need to re-examine and construct a form with Chinese characteristics. The convening of this meeting will help us to further understand the essence of the Marxim theory of literature and art and literary criticism in a global perspective, and build a healthy Chinese literary ecology.

Many well-known scholars such as Zhang Jiang, chief editor of Social Sciences in China, Professor Lu Guishan from Renmin University of China, and CCNU Professor Wang Xianpei , delivered speeches about the Chinese modernization of the Communist Manifesto, Marxist sociology, Marx's theory of state, the theory of Marxist literary criticism, the intertextual interpretation of Marxist discourse, the system of Marxist literary and art methodology, the Marxist aesthetics in Eastern Europe, Mao Zedong's aesthetics in the Western left-wing trend of thought.

During the discussion, issues like  the Chinese historical process of classical Marxism, Western Marxism, Marxism literary theory and criticism, and the criticism form of Chinese Marx literary critics were raised.

The seminar was held by the School of Chinese Language and Literature of CCNU, School of Liberal Arts of Renmin University of China and Hubei Institute of Literary Theory and Criticism.

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