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Ma Yansheng, Former Education Minister Counsellor, Chinese Embassy in France, Gives a Lecture in CCNU

Revision:Cao Siyu; PreciousDate:2018/05/27

On May 16th, at the invitation of CCNU, Ma Yansheng, the former education minister counsellor of the People’s Republic of China in France came to CCNU and gave a lecture entitled "characteristics and advantages of French higher education" at the conference room of the Shaw International Conference Center.

In his lecture, Ma Yansheng systematically introduced the higher education system, the concept of personnel training, the characteristics of running schools and the advantages of disciplines in France. First of all, he explained the basic status of higher education in France in terms of the higher education system, the scale of the foreign students, the construction of the teaching staff, the input of educational funds and the three degree system. At the same time, he interpreted the characteristics and advantages of French higher education from two aspects: the elite education system and the engineer education. The elite education system is mainly reflected in the fact that the French higher vocational colleges is the main feature and advantage of French higher education. Besides, French engineer education is the core of the elite education system. After introducing the advantages of different higher vocational colleges in France, Ma Yansheng suggested that students should make reasonable choices according to their own learning needs when choosing schools for studying abroad.

In the question and answer section, Ma Yansheng discussed and communicated with the teachers and students on the problems of French education reform, educational equity, the status of teachers in France, the policy guarantees of teachers' profession, the proportion of French normal college graduates as teachers, the matters about studying abroad of French business schools, the ways and conditions for the internship of international organizations.

Ma Yansheng started to work at the Ministry of education for education foreign affairs and human diplomatic work in 1977. He has been the educational counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, the deputy representative of the Chinese permanent resident in the UNESCO, the educational and cultural counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the European Union, the vice chancellor of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, and the former education minister counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in France.

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