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Model Teachers | Xiong Nili: Always Provide Good Services to CCNU Students

Revision:Zhang Yuntong,Cao SiyuDate:2018/09/23

Xiong Nili is from the Logistics Division of CCNU. She says, “teachers like us who work out side the classroom try to set good examples for students by providing good services.” She is awarded “San Yuren” Prize for service-based education this year. In her opinion, to achieve good service-based education means to adopt a passionate service attitude, provide delicious and healthy food and comfortable accommodation.

Xiong Nili has been working in the Logistics Division for over a decade. Confronted with all kinds of trivial stuffs, she manage keep being enthusiastic all the time. In the recent two years, the Food Service Center managed by her was rewarded Advanced Collective for Higher Education School Food Service of Hubei Province. More than 92% students are content with dining in the cafeterias and over 93% teachers and students are satisfied with the mall centers in the charge of her. Teachers and students’ satisfaction is the highest recognition for her.

Food and safety come as the first. Xiong Nili tries her best to find food materials of higher quality and lower price. Autumn is a season of vegetable shortages. She decides to use creativity to compensate for the lack of vegetable varieties and cook one kind of food material in different ways, such as frying, boiling, steaming, etc.. 

Besides dining, Xiong also pays attention to students’ studying. After learning about students’ suggestions, she thinks that cafeteria can also work as self-studying rooms for self-learning and having a seminar. Later, given the fact that students and faculty in school had to work late, she proposes to prolong dining halls’ opening hours. Such kind of improvements add to warmth at night. Xiong Nili sticks to putting students first.

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