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Model Teachers | Sun Zexue: Always Remain in Awe of Teaching Profession

Revision:Sima Wenqian, Zhang YuntongDate:2018/09/24

 Having been teaching in Guizi mountain for many years, Sun Zexue, a professor from School of history and culture, who is a “Sanyuren”model (teachers who do well in three aspects of educating--teaching, managing and serving the students) during 2016-2018, is always in awe of teaching profession and never lowers his teaching standards or training requirements for students. He holds that only in this way can he live up to the responsibility of a teacher. Besides, he strives to do a good job in curriculum, scientific research and practice, and does his best to cultivate talents needed by the society.

Sun Zexue attaches great importance to the main position of "classroom" education. In his opinion,” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”, and appropriate teaching methods are very important to stimulate students' learning potential. Therefore, in his class, besides abundant knowledge, he also pays attention to the cultivation of students' learning skills, hoping that students can gradually build a systematic and complete knowledge framework. He demands that students do not isolate a certain historical period in historical research, but to make a unified investigation of the historical period before and after, that is, to trace the source with the perspective of "whole history" and explore the development of history. While teaching courses well, Sun Zexue also pays great attention to teaching students to be a good person. In the first class of each classes, he will extract several quotes about learning and being a good person and share them with students to persuade students to be honest and faithful.

Doing well in scientific education is also the responsibility of a teacher. In the classroom, Sun Zexue tries to know more about students through communication, such as asking more questions and interacting actively, so as to master students' learning interest, guide students to do some starting work to carry out research, and cultivate students' problem awareness, laying a foundation for future research. "Some students are reading less than they used to. To some extent, another benefit of more interaction between teachers and students is that students are ‘forced’ to read some books.“ Sun Zexue said.

No matter the academic year paper or graduation thesis, from the selection of topics to the writing of the opening report or the writing of the paper, Sun Zexue has strict requirements. Although some people now propose that undergraduates do not have to write graduation papers, Sun Zexue believes that it is necessary for undergraduates to write graduation papers, especially for key normal universities such as CCNU. Writing graduation papers is also an important indicator of students’ learning ability. To enable students to master the basic requirements of thesis writing can strengthen the foundation for future work or studies. For this reason, whether it is classroom discussion reports, academic papers, or the design and writing of graduation papers, Sun Zexue attaches great importance to them. He carefully read the text submitted by students from the framework structure, sentence to punctuation, and proposes amendments one by one. Although this is time-consuming and exhausting, he thinks it is worth it. This is also the teaching habit he has always kept.

Sun Zexue often says that student's affairs is the biggest thing. No matter how many things he has to do, he always finishes those of his students’ before his own. The graduation thesis of his doctoral student Liu Jinquan, who enrolled in CCNU in 2015, was discussed many times from topic selection to layout. And with his help, his student finally submitted a manuscript with more than 500,000 words. During the Spring Festival, Sun spent most of his time reviewing and annotating the paper. In the end, this paper were graded excellence by all the judges from other schools in the defense.

 Sun Zexue believed in teaching by precept and example. He practices the school’s motto "loyalty, elegance, simplicity and perseverance" with a down-to-earth work style and a rigorous academic attitude, and hopes to inspire students with his work enthusiasm. He regards the growth and success of his students as a praise of his work and an answer to his loyal aspirations. “Education is not just filling up a bucket of water, but also lighting a fire”, he says. He will devote himself to being a candle on the road of students' growth, helping students build up confidence, standing firmly in the front line of teaching, and contributing to the cultivation of students.

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