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Model Teachers | Yu Zixia: Classroom Teaching, My Compelling Obligation

Revision:Cao Siyu;Zhang YuntongDate:2018/09/24

Yu Zixia, Professor from the School of Education was awarded “San Yuren”model teachers of 2016-2018.

From Yu’s point of view, classroom teaching is a compelling responsibility to college teacher. College teachers ought to be faithful and keep awe towards teaching. He admits that in this highly information-based society, technology does bring convenience and efficiency to classes, nevertheless, when it’s easy to put any articles on the slide, some teachers aren’t willing to explain more, students don’t want to read textbook neither. “Teachers are supposed to be faithful to the position and be responsible for and also serious towards teaching classes.

In order to let college classes be what it should be, Yu accumulates his knowledge continuously, and integrates his latest scientific research results and the frontier study with his teaching. He argues that only in this way can the class content stay new. Every time he prepares for classes, he always concentrates on the frame and key points of his class, and clarify the branches and sequences of disciplines. Insisting the research spirits and attitudes to class preparation for decades gives Yu the confidence, pleasure, as well as the perseverance and courage of sticking to teaching, though he is over 60.

Students are important participants of classes, from Yu’s perspective, close relationship between teachers and students contributes to better teaching. “I love this course, prefer teaching this course, and also want to enable students to enjoy this course.” In order to achieve this goal, Yu enjoys the interaction with  youngsters, and sees it as a beneficial thing to him as well. 

The gentle teacher, over the age of 60, has something to say to CCNU students who would be teachers in the future,Teachers should always bear it in mind that fostering a student to success is not the effort of your own, so you can’t take it as something to flaunt when your students success, instead, it’s a responsibility. Teachers ought to find their orientations correctly, live up to their obligations.” 

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