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Model Teachers | Liu Chengzhu:Do the Job and Serve Discipline Construction

Revision:Qin Qi, Xiang GuiminDate:2018/09/25

Referring to the conception of “education”, Liu Chengzhu, winner of the 2016-2018 “San Yuren” prize, claims that working position changes and the contents and methods of education change accordingly. Twelve years ago, when he was a student counselor, he thought that to educate was to know students’ needs and help solving their problems; six years ago, when he was a graduate admissions officer, he believed that to educate was to serve examinees and the academies wholeheartedly. Now, as a discipline construction worker, he believes that " do the job and serve the discipline construction" is the essence of education. “The fundamental task of the discipline construction is to cultivate students and strengthen their moral education.” Liu told us.

Mr. Liu's current job is not related to students directly but to serve for school's discipline construction, which is closely connected with, firstly, teachers, talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, international exchange, and secondly, 37 first-level disciplines under construction in CCNU.

In his view, discipline construction should be promoted in two ways. First, "service" should be strengthened, which means dynamic monitoring and in-depth analysis is needed for the discipline, subject advantages, bottlenecks and operation mechanism should be found and straightened out; and resources should be allocated scientifically as well. Second, "synergy" should be strengthened; a synergy promotion mechanism and construction pattern also should be formed.

In order to better serve the discipline construction and colleges, Mr. Liu made all the implementation plans of each discipline into standardized templates, and each college only need to put their own discipline contents into the fixed section. It greatly improved the efficiency of the grass-roots work, and saved a lot of time for the construction of disciplines.

In whatever positions, Mr. Liu always works step by step. In his understanding, "Steadiness is a quality. We need to think about problems and do things from a practical point of view. Implementation is a responsibility. Only by acting realistically can you achieve the goals you set at the beginning.

"The road ahead will be long, our climb will be steep." Liu Chengzhu hopes that he and all CCNUers can work hard together to pursue a fullfilling life.

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