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Revision:Xiong Kewei, Cao SiyuDate:2018/09/24

We belong to innovation. We are living with digitization.

As a key university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education, Central China Normal University(CCNU) has been sticking to the spirit of “seek truth, pursue innovation, strengthen moral education and cultivate talents”.


 The majority of university students are born after 1995who are the typical generation of palm life. The survey data made by China University Media Union(CUMU) has demonstrated that 63.37% interviewed students would study and work with mobile phone. The IE is not only a tool, but also a crucial life style for us students.

The live show provided a big platform for freshmen to show their talents. Above all, it was a good opportunity to give millions of people all over the world the chance to know about and love CCNU. Military training summary report live show is an important method to publicize national defense education powerfully and deepen students’ patriotic consciousness.

Undoubtedly, we use various digital Internet platform effectively and achieved a great success. Lots of parents witnessed their sons’ and daughters’ efforts and CCNUers from all over the world saw their school brothers’ and sisters’ new look, digitization made it all come true. CCNU will continue to make the most of and create our own digital space to embrace beautiful and advanced scientific future.



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