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Flag-raising Ceremony Held in CCNU

Revision:Lan Yiqian,Zhong BoqiDate:2018/10/01

6:50 a.m, October 1st, a solemn flag-raising ceremony was held in CCNU. Teachers and students of CCNU gave flower baskets to the revolutionary martyrs, Yun Daiying.

Every year on National Day,CCNU will hold a flag raising ceremony, and teachers and students attend the event spontaneously. 2018 witnessed the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Hundreds of teachers and students lined up on Guizhong Road and Yun Daiying Square, and the National Flag Guard escorted the flag to the flagpole in front of Wen huagongshulin. When the flag-raising ceremony began, teachers and students stood up, sang the national anthem. Li Dongxin from the College of Urban & Environmental Sciences delivered a speech under the national flag. He said on National Day, CCNUers stood on Mount Guizi proudly to hold a solemn flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. As a young generation in the new era, we should give full play to our unique vitality and creativity, and carry forward loyalty, erudition, simplicity and perseverance characterized by CCNU students. We should study hard and be concerned about the society to help revitalize the country, and shoulder the responsibilities in national rejuvenation.

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