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Face Recognition System Applied in CCNU

Revision:Cheng Qian;CharleneDate:2018/10/04

At the beginning of this semester, the Security Department launched the face recognition system,  which has been running for  two weeks and  achieved  remarkable results.So far, it has helped in    

arresting two suspects.

On  September  25, through the alarm of  the face  recognition system,  security staffs  tracked the suspect, who  robbed  in  the campus three  years  ago, and finally arrested him successfully on the third floor of  building 8.Then, on September 28th, security staffs caught another one in the same way.

According  to  the  person  in charge of  the Security Department, the face recognition system has been  installed at all important points of our school, and the photos of the suspects captured by the security Department  have been stored in the system.Once the suspect enters  the  campus, the face recognition system will automatically alarm,with an identification rate of up to 95 percent.

In addition, the system can also help students find lost items by tracing their activity path.

It  is  reported  that  in  the  followig  year , the  school  will  strengthen  the  introduction  of  face recognition system and the Security Department  will actively seek cooperation with surrounding  universities to promote the sharing of relevant key suspect database.

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