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Young Ethnic Chinese Searching Roots in China

Revision:Zhong Boqi,Zhang YuntongDate:2018/10/20

On October 12, the closing ceremony of Jingchu Cultural Camp was held in the lecture hall on the first floor of No.9 Teaching Building. Hu Bin, Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Department of the Hubei Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Fan Ye, President of Chinese Yucai School in Sydney, Australia and all the campers and teachers from Yucai School and Valayalon Palace University attended the closing ceremony.

Hu Bin introduced the influence of Jinchu culture in museum construction and cultural heritage and historical celebrities. He hoped that the campers would " bring home knowledge, love and friendship", translate the knowledge into cultral cultivation and take on the duty as messengers to promote friendship between China and foreign countries.

Wu Jiancheng, teacher of Valayalon Palace University, said that CCNU had taken good care of Thai students and had greatly helped them learn Chinese pronunciation and Chinese culture. They hoped to come to CCNU again if possible.

Wu Sihui, an Australian camper, , dated backto her family’s origin in Wuhan and expressed her affection for her hometown. She visited the Hubei Provincial Museum, enjoyed the Shennongjia scenery and tasted all kinds of delicacies. She saw, heard, touched the real China through this program. Liu Dashan, a Thai campers representative, had gained historical knowledge in class, learning Chinese knots and paper-cuts. He also got to know Chinese culture through on-the-spot visits and truly achieved the goal of "reading ten thousand volumes of books and traveling ten thousand miles".

The main person in charge said that autumn is the harvest season, campers harvested more knowledge and skills, they learned a lot about the blood running in their vessel, their roots. The real root of China lies not only in history and memory, but also in the hearts of everyone in real life.

The camp In Search of Roots for ethic Chinese youth was co-hosted by the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and some other famous schools, aiming to excavate characteristic cultural resources and provide young ethnic Chinese a chance to learn about Chinese culture and the Chinese nation. Now it has become a popular cultural brand activity among overseas schools and ethnic Chinese teenagers.

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