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Harvard-Yenching Institute Associate Director visits CCNU

Revision:Chen Jiayu,Zhang YuntongDate:2018/10/20

Oct. 19, Doctor Li Ruohong, associate director of Harvard-Yenching Institute, visited CCNU. President Zhao Lingyun, , and Qin Hong, Vice Chairman of University Council, met with her in the conference room on the third floor of the administrative building.

Zhao Lingyun first welcomed Li Ruohong. He recalled that the friendship between Yen-ching and CCNU lasts for over four score years, and the cooperation and communications contributed a lot to the early development of CCNU. He said he was confident and expectant in bilateral cooperation after we restored our communication. He pointed out that, under the background of the central government thinking highly of cultural exchanges, our country putting forward a proposition of “Belt and Road”, and our school joining Hubei China- South Asia University Alliance, it’s important to promote the cooperation with Harvard-Yenching Institute. He said that CCNU would continue recommending outstanding scholars to apply for Harvard-Yenching Institute project. He also hoped that we could make further cooperation by bringing in high-level foreign experts, expanding bilateral academic communication and cooperation, and enhancing exchanges of scholars.

Doctor Li appreciated our warm reception. She said Harvard-Yenching Institute cherished the long term cooperation with CCNU. She was grateful for what had achieved in trainer program and China-India research area. She introduced their newly opened south Asian research projects to us and hoped that our school could recommend more outstanding teachers and students to join this project .

Crews from International College and India Research Center, had discussions with Doctor Li about recommending outstanding scholars applying project, expanding south Asian research area short-term project, short-term visit of the high-level alumni in Harvard-Yenching Institute. 

Harvard-Yenching Institute is a nonprofit institute, devoted to promote higher education in the humanities and social sciences in east Asia and southeast Asia. It plays an important role in cultural communication between the western and eastern world and it is a model for the communication between Chinese and American universities. Harvard-Yenching Institute is closely connected with Harvard University. In the spring of 1928, it was founded and subsidized by heritage fund of Charles Martin Hall, the inventor of refining aluminum from electrolytic aluminum ore.

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