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International Conference on Syntactic Omission in Chinese Held in CCNU

Revision:He XiaoyanDate:2018/10/23

The International Conference on Syntactic Omission in Chinese is held in CCNU from October 13th to 14th. More than 70 experts and scholars from America, Canada, Japan, South Korea and China attended the conference.

The opening ceremony of the conference is presided over by Professor Wang Guosheng from CCNU Language and Language Education Research Centre and is held in Shaw International Academic Conference Center. Li Xiangnong, chairman of Hubei Linguistic Society and former vice-president of CCNU, and Xing Fuyi, senior professor of liberal arts of CCNU, delivered speeches and expressed sincere welcome to all the distinguished experts and scholars. Professor Li Xiangnong recommended the development of the linguistic discipline in CCNU. Xing Fuyi illustrated the importance of syntactic omission in Chinese grammar research with vivid and concrete examples.

More than 50 papers are received at this conference. Shi Dingxu, professor of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Xiao Guozheng, professor of Wuhan University, Xu Jie, professor of University of Macau, Deng Siying, professor of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chen Changlai, professor of Shanghai Normal University, Jin Xuanzhe, professor of Yonsei University, Wen Suolin, professor of Tianjin Normal University, Pan Haihua, professor of Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Liu Jiesheng, professor of Sun Yat-sen University, gave academic reports. The papers’ contents are very abundant. There are not only macroscopic analyses on the problem of syntactic omission but also a microscopic investigation on specific syntactic omission. There is not only new thinking in theory but also new explorations in the method. At the same time, the research objects cover common Chinese language and Chinese dialects and also take different registers of language into consideration. The research perspectives involve syntax, semantics, as well as pragmatics and extend to the causes of syntactic ellipsis. In addition, it pays attention to the problems of teaching, translation, and information processing in Chinese syntactic ellipsis while attaching importance to language ontology research. Many scholars in the field of foreign languages also attended the conference. They discussed the problem of syntactic omission from the perspective of language contrast, investigated the phenomenon of omission in foreign languages, and provided enlightenment to the in-depth exploration of Chinese omission.

This conference is hosted by the Language and Language Education Research Centre of CCNU and is co-organized by the Institute of humanities and social sciences of CCNU. It is the 9th conference of Chinese Grammar Series International Academic Symposium established by the language and language education research centre, which was found in 2000. This series of the international academic symposium has played a positive role in promoting the in-depth study of Chinese grammar and has made a good impact in the academic field. Proudly, it has become a famous academic brand of the centre.

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