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The Presence of Zhao Lingyun in The Presidents’ Forum of Hubei-South Asian Universities

Revision:Zhang Yuntong,Xiao Chanyuan,AreenDate:2018/10/19

From October the 16thto the 17th, The Presidents’ Forum of Hubei-South Asian Universities was held by the Education Department of Hubei. The presidents, from 10 different universities of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh besides 15 other domestic universities, assembled in Hubei to exchange ideas about international communication and cooperation. Zhao Lingyun was invited to attend the opening ceremony. Additionally, he gave a keynote speech titled “To Innovate in North-South Cooperation on behalf of presidents in Hubei”.

Zhao Lingyunmentioned that the participating countries all attached great importance to Hubei-South Asian cooperation. The theme of this forum is to promote educational cooperation with friendly neighbouring countries, together with two prongs, to enhance interschool communication on personnel training and to make educational cooperation benefit economic development. He pointed out that the two prongs guide Hubei-South Asian universities intheright direction. He said, since Belt and Road wereput forward five years ago, China and South Asian have enhanced cooperation on politics, economy,and culture.Moreover, cooperation on education is important to the long-term friendship and regional prosperity and stability.

Zhao Lingyun put forward four proposals about Hubei-South Asian cooperation on higher education.Namely, first, highlight the spirit oftheSilk Road and share platforms among Hubei-South Asian universities. Second, encourage the governments, universities, teachers,and students to make joint efforts to establish communication and cooperation network. Third, prioritize cooperative programs and pay more attention to personnel training on teacher's education, information technology, transportation, electronic communication, energy,and economics. Fourthand the last, under the frame of national opening-up strategy, strengthenthethink tank cooperation between Hubei-South Asian universities and scientific research institutions.

During the forum, people discussedthe wayto carry out educational communication and cooperation;and jointly signed the proposal on establishing the union of Hubei-South Asian universities.

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