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Sun Jingzhu: The Process Weights More Than Results

Revision:Xiong Kewei, Hu ZhaoxinDate:2018/10/24

Forge ahead to scientific reasearch

Sun Jingzhu began her scientific research since her second year in CCNU. From Challenge Cup to Create Youth, from members of projects to principal leaders, the role changes, but her original intention of exploring stays constant.

Due to limited conditions during the competition and in order to serve the team better, Jingzhu and her team overcame all the difficulties and discussed solutions to the problems raised by the judges in the dormitory corridor. She and the team stuck it out in such a tough environment preparing for the race.Facing the query of the judges, she had also hesitated about which way to go. Various doubts had been answered when Sun Jingzhu herself saw the relationship between the management and dealers from the first perspective. She witnessed a couple, along with their 3-year-old child suffering from wickets, being forced to pack up the stall by city inspectors. One of the reasons why she stuck it out might be her desire to find the balance between law and humanity.

In order to complete the project excellently, Sun Jingzhu and her team visited many regions during the competition.She also interviewed and had in-depth communications with hundreds of venders, nearly 1,000 consumers and cityinspectors. On this basis, the promotion platform would benefit more people.Sun Jingzhu and her team had revised the plan many times overnight and spent two weeks getting up early, sleeping late, working whole-heartedly in the workroom. Mr. Dai was their team advisor, and his words inspired her a lot

"From theory to practice,discovering the social significance is the ultimate goal of the project. Makeyour best to give back to those who support and trust you, and do all you can to give back to society. Mr. Dai’s constant companyhad undoubtedly become her and the team's greatest encouragement and comfort.

Build a team with a grateful heart

Speaking of the team advisor Dai Shengli, Sun Jingzhu was full of gratitude. She said that Mr. Dai gave her motivation to carry on. When confused, it was Mr. Dai that told her that the project of "Create youth" could be developed with the help of the foundation of "Challenge Cup" to give more rewards to those who trusted them. At the same time, with the help of "Create youth", the projects could better benefit the society.Mr. Sun knows the importance of teamwork. "It's never about individuals, it's about teams," she confessed. She thanked each team member for their unremitting efforts.

When talking about team members, Sun was absolutely proud. Three members of the team were recommended to Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and CCNU, covering fields including administrative management, financial management, and computer science. In order to maximize the efficiency of the team and ensure the sharing of information resources, their team reached the consensus of "No one less" from the beginning of the project: every idea should be the result of the collision of the minds of all members, so no one should be abandoned and left out.

This naturally tacit understanding and the belief to work hard for the team cast the cohesion of the team.

As a student majoring in administration, Sun overcame with emotion and said " I'm willing to explore the underlying logic of my major whether it's the theory of management, the way of thinking of economics or the method of sociology. It is precisely that because each work is studied day and night that I am able to truly comprehend the highly abstract principles and methods of the textbook. Jingzhu’s academic performance improved a lot from the 43rd in freshman year to the first in junior year, Her progress is obvious to all. She believes that good grades are based on hard works and there’s no short cut.Jingzhu has been very strict with her academic performance and her student work.Class 1501 has won the honorable titles of "red flag league branch", "advanced class group" and "dynamic league branch"under her leadership. She joined the debate team during the first and the second year, serving as the captain of the debate team during her sophomore year.

"Perhaps a paper award, a compliment cannot load all our progress, struggle and devotion. Nevertheless, the real pain and suffering along the way will shape our soul." Sun Jingzhu's university life is the best interpretation to the words above. In the future, with her optimism and enthusiam, she is going to create a new world.



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