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Zhao Lingyun Met with the President of Edogawa University

Revision:Lan YiqianDate:2018/10/26

On October 24th, Koguchi Hikota, the President of Edogawa University, led a delegation to visit our school. Zhao Lingyun and the president of CCNU and the chairman of the university council, Qin Hong the chairman of the university council, met with the delegation

Zhao Lingyun briefly introduced the current situations of our school and the achievements we have made in informatization and internationalization in recent years. He said that the communication with Japan is an important part of the international cooperation work of our university. In 2017 our university successfully held the “Japan Week”, an anniversary international exchange activity. As one of the initiators, CCNU joined the Sino-Japan union of universities of cultural and talent exchanges. It is hoped that the two universities will actively explore and innovate cooperation models in areas of common interests, like talents cultivation and teachers internationalization capacity building. It is believed that the visit will further promote communication between the two universities.

Koguchi Hikota is appreciated our warm reception. He reviewed the history of exchanges between the two universities and illustrated the values of the cooperation. The active exchange relationship will be beneficial to the international development between two universities. He hoped to deepen the cooperation between the two sides on talents cultivation through this visit, expand the short-term exchange of student to long-term exchange and include exchanges of scholars into the cooperation system to improve the quality of talents cultivation and deepen the relationship between two sides.

After the meeting, Zhao and Koguchi Hikotasigned the student exchange agreement.

The heads of the school of foreign languages, the school of law and the college of international cooperation and exchange attended the meeting and had in-depth discussions with the delegation on topics such as the exchange of teachers and students, joint training and scientific research.

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