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Tuo Zuhai: Chinese Animation Promoter

Revision:He XiaoyanDate:2018/11/02

Tuo Zuhai, an alumnus of CCNU, is the Chairman of China ACG Group. Born in an average family in Hubei, he is full of enthusiasm for his study and career. After graduating from CCNU, he was admitted to the Chinese National Academy of Arts as a graduate student. With unremitting efforts, he has made many suggestions for the management of cultural norms. He is grateful to his Alma Mater and hopes to contribute to the development of Wuhan.

From A Village Boy to A Manager of Cultural Market

In 1956, Tuo Zuhai grew up in a large family of 11 people. Fishing, swimming and herding cows were the best things he would like to do with his siblings. The village was wonderful but remote. Walking out of the mountain village is not only Tuo Zuhai’s dream, but also the whole family’s hope.

In the summer of 1981,Tuo Zuhai was admitted to CCNU. It was the first time for him to take a train. Moreover, he had never watched TV before going to university. TuoZuhai cherished the opportunities to study. During his four years in CCNU, the library was frequented by him..At that time, books were the spiritual food for Tuo Zuhai, which helped him understand the world and enriched him. Also, he attended lectures to enrich his experience very often and signed up for speech contests to practice his Mandarin.

In 1985, Tuo Zuhai graduated from CCNU and became a postgraduate in the Chinese National Academy of Arts. In 1988, he graduated from Chinese National Academy of Arts and became a civil servant in the Ministry of Culture. From then on, Tuo Zuhai has devoted his whole life to Chinese cultural undertakings and has been making unremitting efforts to standardize the management of the cultural market. During this period, he compiled the management manual of audiovisual market, founded the China audiovisual market network and drafted a lot of regulations and manuals to standardize the cultural market, many of which are still in use today.

“All policies and regulations can't stay the same forever, but the basic purpose was to make regulations that are operational and predictable. This experience is also applicable to my business today.” Tuo Zuhai said, recalling the days he worked in the Ministry of Culture.

Set Up A Chinese Animation Brand And Promote Chinese Animation To the World

In 2014, TuoZuhai, who had been working for the government for over 20 years, was suddenly sent to the market center. In June of that year, TuoZuhai was appointed the chairman of the supervising committee of Chinese culture media group. It was the first time that he learned how to run an enterprise. It was his confidence that enabled him to turn pressure into motivation and revitalize the previous resources after taking the helm ofChina ACG Group CoLtdin July 2015.

"Compared with other cultural enterprises, China ACG Group Co Ltd. is relatively small." Tuo Zuhai, however, is confident and eager to make his own contribution to Chinese animation industry.

In recent years, Tuo Zuhai has been committed to inheriting and innovating culture through animation. In particular, attention is paid to absorb nutrients from Chinese traditional culture, activate the vitality of creation. And on this basis, he constantly narrows the gap between Chinese animation and foreign animation on technology and art, establishes the national animation brand, and then promote Chinese animation to the world. Some say that TuoZuhai is a gentle idealist. TuoZuhai says he stands for the Golden Mean, one step at a time, instead of being extreme.

Make Contributions to the Development of CCNU and Wuhan

“Since I left GuiziMountain, I have not only maintained close personal contact with the teachers and classmates in CCNU,but also established a working relationship of mutual trust with them.” TuoZuhai said ata speechin CCNU in 2017. As an alumnus of CCNU, Tuo Zuhai hopes to contribute his wisdom and strength to the development of CCNU and Wuhan.

Tuo Zuhai said that the development of Wuhan's cultural industry has a very good foundation. It has advantages in technology, talents and location. During the activity, China ACG Group signed two animation creative projects. Besides, China ACG Group plans to invest in the animation base project in Qingshan district.

Tuo Zuhai has been keeping a close eye on the development of CCNU over the years. "With the strengthening of discipline construction and the opening of more disciplines, some new departments and departments closely related to social development have been set up, which I think is a good thing." From a village boy to a promoter of Chinese animation, TuoZuhai keeps improving himself and realizing his value through continuous learning and breakthroughs, and makes his contribution to the society.

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