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Ye Huan: Walking on the Road of Being a Poet and a Teacher

Revision:Cao Siyu;Lan YiqianDate:2018/11/29

Recently, Ye Huan has won the highest prize in a competition of Chinese poetry with her talents and endeavors upon poems.

“In the process of writing poems, I always feel lonely. But after joining Hanmei poem club, my college life seems to be better andmorecolourful.” says Ye Huan.

Upon entering CCNU, she joined the poem club and started writing poems. She always share her ideas and feelings about the poems with other members in the club.

In this competition, Ye Huan chose one of her own poems to compete with others. At the very beginning, she was quite nervous. Later on she found herself enjoying this process after communicating with other competitors. She said that it was really wonderful to write poems with the people outside CCNU who had the same interest with her.

By writing poems, Ye Huan has not only enhanced her ability, but also made bosom friends.

“I think as a teacher, you are supposed to have a good command of the field you teach, otherwise students won’t learn well.” Speaking of being a teacher, Ye Huan becomes pretty serious and conscientious.

She once taught a class of students this Summer holiday, and the students’ desire for Chinesepoetryimpressed her a lot,which lether perceive the magic of poems and also stimulated heraspiration of teaching throughpoetry.

“A vivid and interesting class needs knowledge from textbooks but not restricted to thosewhichrequires teachers to read more and explore deeper. Only in this way can students acquire sufficient knowledge from teachers.” This is the mostimpressivefeeling of Ye Huan from her learning to be a teacher.

Herpersistentendeavorsgainedher the highest award.Speaking ofthe college life, Ye Huan suggests that students be diligent and have the courage to try more during this precious four years of youth.

“The best is to combine your interest with your profession.” Ye Huan suggests that we can first find what we are interested in and stick to it until wetransformit into our expertise.

In the future, Ye Huan will holdthe two keywords of her life:writing poems and teaching. And she will definitely keep on her way.

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