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Multifunctional Near-infrared Probe for Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment Created by CCNU and Utah University Professor

Revision:Xiong Kewei, Lan YixiDate:2019/03/02

Team led by CCNU professors (Li Haibing, Yang Guangfu, and Sun Yao) and Professor Peter J. Stang from the University of Utah, member of the National Academy of Sciences of US, created a multifunctional near-infrared probe. It can be applied in Tumor diagnosis and treatment and evaluation of the effect of antineoplastic drugs. The achievement has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America(PNAS) on January 22nd.(  

Sun Yue, a postgraduate from CCNU and the first author of the study, worked on metallacycle synthesis and function in Peter J. Stang’s team from 2017. The signature unit of the first author is CCNU.

Monitoring and evaluating the dynamic changes of tumor pathological information in real-time during cancer treatment is the foundation of achieving accurate medical treatment. Fluorescent theranostic probes play a crucial role in this respect. The existing fluorescent theranostic probes usually have some defects, which cannot meet the clinical demands.

The team has designed and synthesized the Pt(II) metallacycle-based NIR-II theranostic nanoprobe 1, which can realize accurate tumor diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the probe can also be used for long-term monitoring of tumorigenesis and development and evaluation of the therapeutic effect of antineoplastic drugs.

The design strategy of the probe provides the reference for targeted therapy and offers a means for more precise  detection and analysis in vivo for targeting antineoplastic drugs from laboratory to clinical application.

The research is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grants 21708012, 21572076) and 111 Project B17019; and National Institutes of Health of the US (NIH Grant R01 CA215157).


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