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CCNU Teacher Awarded at Missouri Composers Project Competition

Revision:Cao Siyu;ChengqianDate:2019/04/07

Recently, Cao Guanyu, director of the composition department of the School of Music in CCNU, has won the Open Choral Award of 2019 Missouri Composers Project (MOCOP) Competition in the USA by her mixed chorus without accompanimentSwallow. It was reported that this was the first time that a Chinese composer had won a prize in this contest.

MOCOP is a composing competition which has been held for 8 years towards composers all around the world. This contest sets up awards for orchestral works and choral works. Competitors are divided into American registered composers’ group and non-American registered composers’ group. Therefore, there are four awards in total. Cao Guanyu's choral work, Swallow, eventually stood out from the non-American registered composers’ group, winning the group's only Open Choral award. On March 10th, 2019, the organizing committee of MOCOP held an award concert in Columbia, USA, to award the winners. At the award ceremony, Columbia Chamber Choir sang Swallow in Chinese, which was the global premiere of this work.

In her acceptance speech, Cao Guanyu indicated that composers ought to learn and create work on the basis of present situation and combine Chinese music culture with Western music culture. In the process of localization of Western music, they are supposed to deeply think about the environment and creative practice of Chinese music culture nowadays. Composers should not only see the differences between Chinese culture and Western culture, but also consider the commonality and affinity under globalization. She believes that the theory, methods and concepts of Western music can be partially transformed and absorbed by Chinese local music culture, and evolve into an organic component of Chinese music creation.

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