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Quark Matter 2019 Held in Wuhan

Revision:Hu Qiaoqiao;Long Jiayue;Lian YuDate:2019/11/12

From November 4th to 9th, Quark Matter 2019, the 28th “International Conference on Ultra-relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions” was held in Wuhan. The conference was co-sponsored by the College of Physical Science and Technology of Central China Normal University (CCNU) and the Institute of Quantum Matter of South China Normal University (SCNU).

The conference brings together over 800 physicists from 37 countries and regions to discuss new developments in high energy heavy-ion physics. The focus is on the fundamental understanding of strongly-interacting matter at extreme conditions of high temperature and density, as formed in ultra-relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions.

 “Quark Matter Research: Cutting Edge Research Direction in the Field of High -Energy Nuclear Physics in Recent 30 Years”

Quark-gluon plasma, also known as quark matter, is different from the familiar forms of solid, liquid and gaseous substances. The academia believes that quark matter is a new material form that originated in the extremely short moment of the "Big Bang". It is of great significance for examining the origin of the universe, the microstructure of matter and so on. Therefore, the theoretical and experimental research on high-energy heavy ion collision is one of the most important and cutting-edge research direction in the field of high-energy nuclear physics in the recent 30 years.

“Quark Matter International Conference: International Academic Conference of the Highest Specification in the Field of High-Energy Heavy-ion Physics”

The “Quark Matter International Conference” is held in different continents every one or two years, which is an international academic conference of the highest specification in the field of high-energy nuclear physics. At this conference, well-known experts and scholars of high-energy heavy-ion physics in the world and those in charge of important experiments. Investigators from experimental co-operation groups of accelerators like Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Large Hadron Collider (LHC) etc. come to present their latest theoretical and experimental research results.

“Institute of Particle Physics: The International Center of High Energy Nuclear Physics” 

The International Conference on quark matter has been held five times in Asia, two times in China.

Wang Enke, President of SCNU pointed out that, owing to the unremitting explorations and joint efforts of four generations of scholars, the Institute of Particle Physics of CCNU is now taking the leading position in the field of high energy nuclear physics study in China, and it also has the strength to collaborate with internationally renowned research teams. The event is conducive to promoting the research of high energy nuclear physics in China and further expanding the international academic influence of the high energy nuclear physics research in CCNU.

Since the establishment of LHC in Geneva, Switzerland, and RHIC in Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, New York, the research team from the College of Physical Science and Technology of CCNU has actively participated in the relevant experiments of quark gluon plasma and achieved outstanding scientific research results.

 Lead by Professor Zhou Daicui from the Institute of Particle Physics, the Chinese team initiated by CCNU has hosted three studies such as ALICE PHOS Front-End Electronics development with high energy resolution since 2000. All of the studies used ALICE large detection device to collect data.

The Nuclear Science Computing Center built in September 2018 contributes to keeping and advancing international leading place of CCNU in the field of data analysis of high energy nuclear physics research.

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