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International Conference on Governance in China for the New Era Held in CCNU.

Revision:Xiao Yao; Hu QiaoqiaoDate:2019/11/14

On November 2nd, the international conference on “Governance in China for the New Era: Progress, Challenges and Strategies” was held in the Yifu International Conference Center. Chen Houfeng, Vice Chairman of the university Council, hosted the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Over 60 scholars from the United Sates, Italy, Netherlands and other countries attended the conference.

Chen Houfeng stated that the system and capability of national governance epitomize a country’s capability for implementation. In the recent years, China has been promoting diplomatic activities and participated in the reform and construction of global governance system, where China contributed its wisdom and strength. The first-class discipline construction plan of politics in CCNU is in accordance to the needs of Chinese development. Various ways of collaboration have been set up to promote the branding and normalization of international academic exchanges.

Director of the School of Politics and International Studies (SPIS) introduced the construction and achievements of  its politics discipline. In the years to come, SPIS will build a first-rate program in political science by strengthening academic platforms, and become a talent training base and an academic research center with “distinctive features and outstanding advantages that are top-notch in the nation and first-rate in the world.”  

Professor Xiang Jiquan from SPIS, presented a lecture on “Modernization of the Governance System in China in the New Era.” He stated that the government have put forward new concepts, goals and requirements for rural governance since China stepped into the new era.

Professor Andrew G. Walder from the Department of Sociology  of Stanford University illustrated the differences in economic governance between China and the United States in his speech, “Governing the Economy: The Distictive Features of the Chinese Model”.


Willem Janse, the former Vice Chancellor of the Free University of Amsterdam delivered a speech titled “(Re)training of Imams, Youth (Re)radicalisation, and ‘bentuhua’ Localisation of Islam in the Netherlands”. He highly  praised President Xi’s speech on religious work and pointed out that religions must be in line with the current situation of its country. 

Xu Yaotong, Distinguished Visiting Professor of CCNU, made the speech “National Governance: From ‘Single Governance’ to ‘Cross-Boarder Governance’”. He interpreted President Xi’s speech on cross-boarder governance, and further explained its connotation.

This conference was sponsored by SPIS of CCNU.


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