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Outstanding Graduate | Liu Zewei: Practice Makes Amaze Happen

Revision:Xiong Kewei; Hu QiaoqiaoDate:2020/06/12

Liu Zewei

Admitted to Nanjing University

National Scholarship owner

First Prize of National Social Work Student Forum of China

First Prize of Challenge Cup

“Social work is a discipline with strong emphasis on practicality where reflectivity lies in its innermost.” Liu participated in many research projects, putting specialized knowledge into practice. Once, in order to get along well with a group of children in a practical activity, he spent much time decorating the classroom to attract them and bridge their distance. His knowledge of building professional relationships was utilized in this process, the skill of which is a perfect demonstration of the fundamental content in sociology.

“It’s just a gift for recognizing my past efforts.” In all modesty, he believes that all prizes serve as a recognition as well as a boost, which helped him build up self-confidence and inspired him to go further. Indeed, it is these honors that make his college life sparkle.

Liu played a part as an excellent journalist as well. He worked in CCNU Press Corps as group leader and chief correspondent. It costed him lots of time and once even led to an imbalance between study and students work. Shortly afterwards, he adjusted himself to the best condition by laying more emphasis on study. Furthermore, he issued hundreds of articles in professional media and published his own portfolio. The experience of students work not only improved his language expressive ability, but also helped him take a more comprehensive perspective towards the society.

According to him, life is like writing a piece of article, and its end means a fresh new start of the next chapter. “Through reading and practicing, we can find our own potential and keep up to date with the trends. Live for the moment day by day, not for the past. Only in this way can we feel no regret when we look back.”

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