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CCNU Scholar Li Chang Obtained the Highest Honour from ASPRS

Revision:Wang Youmin; Xiong KeweiDate:2020/07/06

Associate professor Li Chang was honoured with the Grand Award of Talbert Abrams Award and a reward of 3,000 dollars. He was also invited to attend the annual conference of American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) in Washington DC, which was afterwards cancelled due to the pandemic. Notably, it has been Li’s second prize since he won the First Honourable Mention of Talbert Abrams Award in 2018. This Grand Award is the highest annual honour in the field of photogrammetry presented by ASPRS.

Li’s group, including the other two undergraduates named Liu Xiaojuan and Lu Wei from the College of Urban & Environmental Science of CCNU at that time, titled their article “An Image-Pyramid-Based Raster-to-Vector Conversion (IPBRTVC) Framework for Consecutive-Scale Cartography and Synchronized Generalization of Classic Objects”, and have just received a Chinese invention patent. Their article was accepted in 2018 and published on PE&RS (Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote sensing) in 2019, which is a journal of ASPRS exploring effective and novel approaches to cutting-edge issues in this field.

ASPRS was founded in 1934, providing quality services for over 7000 members all around the world. It now enjoys a full recognition in photogrammetry and remote sensing. Every year, 5 prizes selected from PE&RS are presented by ASPRS as an encouragement. And the Talbert Abrams is presented every year for innovative article that made the most contribution to theoretical research and practical development in photogrammetry.

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