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CCNU King Sejong Institute Officially Launched

Revision:Chen Jialong; Long JiayueDate:2020/10/12

On Sep 21st, King Sejong Institute in CCNU held the first class in Room 3406 of the School of Foreign Languages. The institute received nearly 200 applications from teachers and students and  recruited 80 students in order of application and divided them into 4 classes.

The King Sejong Institute operational planning meeting

The 4 classes of the institute held the opening ceremony respectively. Four teachers and all students enjoyed a joyous gathering and organized a variety of entertaining activities such as experiencing folk culture ,  customs and Korean food, introducing basic knowledge of Korean and so on. Such activities greatly aroused students’ interests in Korean language and its culture. 

The class-opening ceremony

The smooth operation of the institute will contribute a great deal to improving the level of international education and public services in CCNU. It will also help  to improve students’ competence and expand their employment channels as well as promoting the visibility and influence of CCNU at home and abroad.

The class teaching

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