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The Launch of “Looking China ∙ International Youth Film Project” in Hubei Held in CCNU

Revision:Xiao Yao; Long JiayueDate:2020/10/15


On October 10th, the launch of “Looking China ∙ International Youth Film Project” in Hubei was held in Yifu International Conference Center of CCNU. Luo Jun, Deputy Dean of the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture of BNU, heads of the relevant schools of CCNU  attended the launch.


Luo Jun paid a great tribute to the heroic performance of Wuhan during the outbreak of COVID-19. He introduced the connotation and operating mechanism of “Looking China”. He hoped that the foreign youngsters could narrate Chinese stories from a unique perspective so as to spread Chinese culture to the world.

The foreign adviser, Prof. Predrag Velinovic, praised China for the finding of new ways to carry out “Looking China” in spite of the all the hardships outside.


Deng Guangshou, a Vietnamese Ph.D. student from the School of Education of CCNU, gave an account of his story and expectations for “Looking China" as the foreign youth representative. During the pandemic, he stayed in Wuhan and witnessed the unity of Chinese people as well as China’s willingness to help the world.


Song Hengzhu from the School of Journalism and Communication of CCNU recalled the experience of taking part in the “Looking China” for the first time in 2018 and wished the students this year can also have big gains as the Chinese youth representative.


“Looking China ∙ International Youth Film Project" is a Chinese culture experiencing event sponsored by Huilin Foundation of BNU and the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture. “Looking China ∙ Hubei 2020" is organized by the College of International Cultural Exchange School of CCNU. Ten teams made up of Chinese and foreign students will step on different places of Hubei. They would produce documentary and vlogs to reflect the achievements of China’s poverty alleviation and show a different China from the perspective of foreigners in post-epidemic era.


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