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News in June丨Advancements, Activities and Achievements

Revision:Wu Yufan; Zhu Qishan; Lei XinyiDate:2021/06/30

CCNU National University Science Park Made Its Way Into the 11th Batch of National University Science and Technology Parks

On June 1, CCNU National University Science Park won the accreditation from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education as one of the 11th batch of national university science and technology parks. As the only university science park integrating culture and science in Hubei Province, it plays a significant role in promoting the commercialization of the fruits of innovation and technological achievements.

The Ministry of Education Published CCNU’s Experience of Learning CPC History

CCNU’s experience of learning CPC history has been written into the Bulletin of Party’s History Learning Education of the Ministry of Education (No. 20) recently. The Bulletin mentioned our earnest study and implementation of the spirit of Xi’s speech at the CPC History Learning Mobilization Meeting, and the CPC history learning education in our school is well underway as a variety of activities have been organized to show the glorious century-long journey of the Party and help the valuable spiritual treasure of the CPC takes root in all the CCNUers’ heart.

CCNU Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the People’s Government of Zunyi Municipality

On June 15, CCNU signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Zunyi Municipality in Renhuai. CCNU has cooperated with Zunyi for a long time, and this agreement is a golden opportunity to fully implement and promote the our cooperation, especially in rural basic education, rural revitalization, teacher training, and red culture inheritance.


CCNU Achieve Good Results in the 7th Teaching Competition for Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities of Hubei Province

Four teachers of CCNU won awards in the 7th Teaching Competition for Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities of Hubei Province. Chen Bei, from the School of Chinese Language and Literature, won the first prize; Liu Mengjue, from the School of Marxism, won the first prize; Deng Yang, from the College of Chemistry, won the second prize; Wang Jianyang, from the School of Foreign Languages, won the second prize. The union in CCNU did a lot of preparations for the competition, and the four young teachers overcame various difficulties and finally achieved excellent results with professional skills and vivid teaching style.

New Achievements in Cytokines and SDP

On June 1, a new breakthrough in electrochemical research made by the College of Chemistry was published on SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL.

Simultaneous detection of multiple cytokines is facing challenges due to cytokine complex network, dynamic and transient process of secretion. The researchers designed a molecular beacon aptamer-functionalized electrochemical sensing platform for simultaneous and real-time monitoring of three significant cytokines (VEGF, IFN-y and TNF-a). Desirable discoveries were observed, promising a reliable electrochemical sensing platform in sweat wearables and implants for simultaneous monitoring of multiple analyses in real time.

On June 1, Professor Jin Cong from College of Computer Science and Technology published a research paper with the title “Cross-project software defect prediction based on domain adaptation learning and optimization”.

Professor Jin Cong used KTSVMs implement domain adaptation (DA) and DA-KTTSVM as CPDP model, and finally achieved good results in optimizing software system.

Celebration of the 90th Birthday of Mr. Guo Wen’an Held

On June 5, the 40th anniversary of the publication of textbook Pedagogy as well as the celebration of 90th birthday of Mr. Guo Wen’an was celebrated at Tin Ka Ping Building of Education. Domestic experts and scholars from many universities and students of Mr. Guo Wen’an gathered together to celebrate the 90th birthday of Mr. Guo.

Pedagogy, edited by Wang Daojun and Guo Wen’an, is the earliest pedagogy textbook with the largest circulation and the most far-reaching influence in China. The educational thoughts put forward in this textbook have great significance and become a major symbol of our school’s pedagogy research and rich ideological resources of pedagogy research.

Wei Qilin: From a Soldier to a Teacher

Wei Qilin, a former Marine Corps soldier, became a graduate student studying Chinese Language and Linguistics at the Center for Language and Language Education Research after her discharge from the military. During her studies, she was awarded the honorary titles of Pioneer of Theory Study” and Excellent Graduate Student”, and received the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Graduate Students and other various of scholarships. From the college to military, and then back to college, what behind Wei Qilin’ splendid life experience and excellent achievements is the persistence in the pursuit of her dreams and unflagging effort.


Retrace “Zhang Kaiyuan Road” to Study and Inherit His Spirit

On June 2, Zhou Hongyu, deputy director of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress, led 19 teachers and students to follow the footsteps of Zhang Kaiyuan and recounted the deeds and spirit of him. The main purpose of this activity is threefold: to memorialize, to learn, and to advance.

2021 Graduation Ceremony was held

On June 13, the 2021 Graduates Commencement Ceremony of CCNU was held in Youming Stadium. This special gathering is of the biggest scale in our school’s history with 8950 graduates of 2021 and 2234 graduates of 2020 back to the campus to witness this special moment. President Hao Fanghua expressed sincere congratulations to the 2021 graduates and warm greetings to the 2020 graduates, “Because of you, Guizi Mountain is permeated with strong will and great love all the time; because of you, the century-old school can always spread hope and strength.”

Gala to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC and the Graduation Party Held

On the evening of June 13, CCNU held a gala of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC as well as the graduation party of 2021. This gala showed a number of original achievements integrating party history learning education and aesthetic education, teaching the graduates about the party history in an intuitive art form.

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