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Progress Made by Liu Bailing’s Team in Protecting Personal Information

Revision:Deng Shiyu; Wu YufanDate:2021/10/27

Recently, Liu Bailing, associate professor at the School of Information Management in CCNU, Paul A. Pavlou, Cullen Distinguished Chair Professor at C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston, and Cheng Xiufeng, associate professor at the School of Information Management in CCNU, published a paper entitled Achieving a Balance Between Privacy Protection and Data Collection: A Field Experimental Examination of a Theory-Driven Information Technology Solution on Information Systems Research, as one of UTD 24 journals, is an internationally recognized top tier journal in the area of information management and information systems.

    Liu’s team pointed out that, companies face a tradeoff between creating stronger privacy protection policies for consumers and employing more sophisticated data collection methods.

Focusing on this topic, Liu’s team integrated justice provision with key privacy protection features and conceptualize the extent to which these features affect privacy concerns and information disclosure behavior. They proposed an IT solution to balance the tradeoff between privacy protection and consumer data collection.

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