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The Fourth Seminar on National Rreunification and Rejuvenation

Revision:Qiu Li;Wu YufanDate:2021/11/04

On October 29, the fourth seminar on national reunification and rejuvenation was held in Yichang, Hubei Province by Chinese Zhongshan Cultural Exchange Association, Hubei cross-Straits Exchange Promotion Association and CCNU with the theme of “peaceful development of cross-Straits relations on the new journey”. More than 100 scholars and experts from both sides of  the Straits and Hongkong engaged in the study of the Taiwan question and cross-Straits relations, practitioners related to Taiwan as well as teachers and students of CCNU attended the seminar.

Zhao Lingyun, Chairman of University Council pointed out that the center for Taiwan and East Asian Studies of CCNU contributes the unique wisdom and solution of CCNU to the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations and national reunification and rejuvenation.

Scholars and experts at the seminar generally believed that the fundamental motivation for the Communist Party of China to maintain the vitality of Taiwan policy is policy innovation and keeping pace with the times; to settle the Taiwan question in a    peaceful or non-peaceful way is a reflection of the historical law of national reunification based on the actual situation.

CCNU has held four consecutive terms of the seminar since 2018, and has set a diversified, high-level and high-specification platform for diversified academic exchange and dialogue, which has a profound impact on cross-Straits academic world.

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