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CCNUers Awarded in the Third Contest of Recitation, Writing and Speech of Chinese Classics

Revision:Wang Jiarui, Zhang ZihangDate:2021/12/14

Recently, the winners of the Third Contest of Recitation, Writing and Speech of Chinese Classics were announced. 5 works made by CCNUers were on the list. In the Contest of “Reciting Chinese Classics”, “Writing” performed by Jiang jia, Xie Haoyang and He Chenhan was awarded the first prize of the College Students’ Group for their exciting and lilting feelings expressed in their work. “Little Carrot Head” recited by CCNU teacher Bai Sixin told a touching and warm story, and was awarded the merit prize of the Teachers’ Group. Besides, in the Contest of “Writing Chinese Calligraphy”, the postgraduate Qu Yanyue got the second prize and students Qiao Liyu and Yang Miaoyu won the third prize.

Themed by “Inheriting Chinese Classics and Celebrating the Centenary of CPC”, the Contest aims to celebrate the centenary of CPC, extol its glorious history over the past century and display remarkable achievements that have attracted worldwide attention through reciting Chinese classics, interpreting Chinese poetry, and writing Chinese characters. And it is also designed to advocate values of loving the standard spoken and written Chinese language and excellent Chinese language culture so as to culturally empower our endeavor to embark on a journey of building China into a modern socialist country.


Little Carrot Head

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