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Significant Progress in Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment of Pathogenic Bacteria

Revision:Wang Jiarui, Lei XinyiDate:2021/12/21

Recently, Professor Yao Sun’s research group in the College of Chemistry at CCNU cooperating with Professor Stang’s research group at the University of Utah made great progress in accurate diagnosis and treatment of pathogenic bacteria. Relevant research has been published in the international authoritative comprehensive chemical journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

Antibiotic resistance is a key obstacle to antibacterial therapy. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop new agents and technologies against bacterial infection. Facing this issue, the research group has managed to design a novel metallacycle-based supramolecular photosensitizer called 12.

This novel supramolecular photosensitizer can not only mark the pathogenic bacteria fleetly and accurately, but also selectively kill the bacteria with a low dose and markedly accelerate wound closure in S. aureus-infected mice. This work provides a new method with regard to design of fluorescence probe for the biomedical applications in the future.

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