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CCNU: One of the First Co-sponsors of the National Emergency Language Service Crops of China

Revision:Liu Siying;Liu LuyuDate:2022/05/05

On April 28th, the National Emergency Language Service Corps of China , a joint initiative by 29 universities, enterprises and associations, was established in Beijing. CCNU is one of the first co-sponsors. When the COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan in 2020, under the guidance of the Department of Language Information Management of the Ministry of Education, CCNU quickly set up an “Epidemic-fighting Language Service Group” with Beijing Language and Culture University, Wuhan University and the Commercial Press, and created a “Hubei Dialects-Mandarin Translation pamphlet for containing COVID-19”, which played an important role in removing the communication barriers between doctors and patients.

At the preparatory meeting for the establishment of the service crops held onApril 27th, Vice President Xia Lixin, as a member of the board, made an online speech on behalf of CCNU. He introduced the emergency language services provided by our school in the fight against the COVID-19 and the strengths of our language discipline, saying that our school would plan actively, take the initiative and work hard under the guidance of the Department of Language Application and Administration of the Ministry of Education.

The National Language Service Corps of China is a non-profit alliance of related organizations and individuals that volunteer to provide emergency language services. It provides language services in the areas of national common language, minority languages, Chinese dialects, sign languages, braille, foreign languages  for emergency response as well as other important areas that require urgent tackling of language barriers.

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