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Setting Sail|2022 Opening Ceremony Held

Date:September 27, 2022    Revision:Qiu Li

On Tuesday, September 20th, anopening ceremony was held at Youming Stadium towelcome the 2022freshmen.Chairman of University Council Zhao Lingyun, President Hao Fanghua, Vice Chairman of University Council Zha Daolin, Vice President Peng Nansheng and Xia Lixin as well as other representatives attended theceremony. The special ceremony was broadcast live on the Internet and watched by a total of nearly 330000audience online simultaneously.

On the ceremony,President Hao Fanghuaon behalf of all students andstaff in CCNU expressed an enthusiastic welcome to the 2022 freshmen.“The youthare the future of our country, and the appearances of the youth determine the future of China. Then what should the youth of CCNU be like?”, President Hao raised the question in her speech and replied it with words as follows: “The youth in CCNU aresupposed to hold their ideals firmly andbe loyal, learned, earthy, resolute, realistic, innovative, responsible and devoted.” “Hope all the freshmen leave a limpid impression on their lives and set sail, cleave through the waves in a new great journey, ultimately grow into the best of youth in CCNU and then the best in the whole China”, she said.

After the speech of President Hao Fanghua, three representatives delivered their speeches. Ma Beixue, a freshman from the School of ChineseLanguage and Literature, shared with all the new studentsher belief that as CCNUers, we had great confidence and resolution to scatter the sunshine of education in every corner. Yu Yifei, a master degree candidate from the School of Marxism encouraged the freshmen that we were supposed to gain the best fruit in the journey of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Yin Zixiang, a representative of teachers highlighted the meaning of education in university. She said it was advisable to explore a new oneself anddevotedlyintegrate ourselves into our motherland.

The Military Training Closing Ceremony began with the excited military song, after the opening ceremony. Several splendid performances were displayed bythefreshmen after their military training, which did catchthe audience’s eyes.

In the end, we believe the freshmen can set sail and be ready to write theirunique stories in CCNU. A good beginning makes a big difference. And we hope the freshmen can make sure that they start this academic year with new hope and apositive mindset to make it a brighter chapter in their school life, which is full of knowledge and learning.