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The First Political Philosophy Forum Opened in CCNU

Date:October 5, 2022    Revision:

On September 24th, the first Political and Philosophical Forum on Guizi Mountain was held in the conference room of the Shaw International Convention Centre. More than 100 experts, scholars and student representatives from Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Wuhan University and other universities attended the forum at the site or online, exchanging ideas on the topic of the philosophical ground for the modernization of national governance.

Chen Junya, professor of Political Division expressed her welcome to all the guests and wish to promote the development of political philosophy with Chinese characteristics. Li Hongfei declared The Decision About Academic Counselors of Political Philosophy Studying Center.

There is one main venue and three branch venues for the forum, namely Philosophical Review Forum on the Modernization of National Governance, Forum on Basic Theories of Modernization of National Governance and Graduate Student Forum. The forum received 85 academic papers and 51 scholars exchanged their ideas with each other during the forum. The scholars made extensive and in-depth discussions on the philosophical ground for modernization of national governance, which provides the philosophical basis and academic support for the modernization of our national governance system and governance capacity.