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No.1  Introduction of government bodies


Director: Lead the overall work of Division of Teaching Affairs. Be in charge of General Office.

Vice DirectorAssist the Director. Be in charge of Quality-Oriented Education Office.

Vice Director: Assist the Director. Be in charge of Office of Student Registration, Office of Affiliated Schools and Teaching Materials Center. 

Vice Director: Assist the Director. Be in charge of Teaching Practice Office, Practical Teaching Office, and special issues such as public spending and grading of college entrance examination papers.

Vice Director:  Assist the Director. Be in charge of Teaching Research and Administration Office and informatization.

No.2  The functions of government bodies

Teaching is a university’s central role. Teaching administration is also pivotal, which includes the management of teaching plans, the management of teaching practice, the management of students’ registration and academic achievements, the management and evaluation of teaching quality, and the management of basic elements in teaching such as disciplines, programs, curriculums, teaching materials, laboratories, academic atmosphere and rules for teaching administration.


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