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Graduates follow-up survey

No.1  Introduction of government bodies

In 2014, the center launched the follow-up survey of the social  needs and quality of graduates and  set up  a talent  cultivation quality evaluation mechanism  based on market demand and social feedback. The data about talent cultivation  as obtained  through the scientific survey of graduates is taken into account in university administration,students enrollment and teaching affairs. The survey also provides sufficient data support for various evaluation, construction and the annual quality report.

No.2  The functions of government bodies

The data is applied specifically to the following areas:

1.University administration. Through a thorough survey into employment competitiveness, talent cultivation quality, alumni satisfaction and values, we have constructed a data-based talent cultivation quality monitoring and feedback system so as to conduct  the quality evaluation in a  scientific way.  Meanwhile,  we categorize  the data  into  different majors and  conduct respective analysis to provide objective data for revising talent  cultivation plan,  adjusting specialty structure,  perfecting enrollment and employment service,  and improving teaching and talent training quality. 


2. Teaching evaluation.Indicators listed in “undergraduate teaching evaluation plan of the Ministry of Education(MOE)”such as university orientation, specialty set-up and structure  adjustment,  quality monitoring, guidance and service, specialized knowledge and ability, on- and off- campus assessment, and employment are all clearly reflected in data gathered from the follow-up survey of graduates’ social needs  and quality. Therefore, we can offer sufficient data support for CCNU’s teaching evaluation.


3.Annual quality report. As required by MOE, CCNU needs to release and submit annually “Undergraduate Teaching Quality Report” and “Graduates’ Employment Quality Report” to show the new ideas, policies, measures and achievements of teaching in the university.The data we gained from this follow- up survey substantiates  the content of our annual reportin terms of social needs,cultivation quality and graduates’ feedback and comments.The graduates follow-up survey  is analyzed from the perspective of talent cultivation results  and cultivation process,  and it covers eight modules including job-seeking competitiveness,  employment features and advantages,  alumni comments,  basic working abilities,  core knowledge test  and values analysis,  core course effectiveness  evaluation  and performance analysis,  analysis of students societies’ activities ,  and  job application  analysis.The survey involves over 360 variables and several dozens of analysis indexes. To enhance the credibility of the survey, we invite a third party (MyCOS Data)  into the survey. 


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