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Public Security Section

No.1  Introduction of government bodies

Head of the Public nbsp;Security Section: Fu Wei

Room 214, 215, 217 of the Security Division

Tel: 027-67868092

No.2  The functions of government bodies

1. Implement school safety management regulations, and offer suggestions on public security, fire-control  and  relevant  safety  regulations based on the condition of the university; &nbnbsp;

2.Make up files of crucial spots of the university; instruct security staff of all schools and departments to establish and perfect safety management regulations;

3. Supervise and instruct security work concerning fire-control  and  prevention  of thievery.  Check, install   and maintain fire extinguishers andfire control  facilities;  guard against  public security or criminal  cases;  assist the public     security organs in  the  investigation and prosecution  of such cases. 

4. Investigate into security cases; analyze and summarize regularly such cases and offer constructive suggestions; 
5. Perform regular formalities concerning the purchase,examination and approval,check and management, use safety and report of dangerous items  such as  inflammable or explosive   items and poisonous chemicals; instruct departments that use such items to establish strict rules;

6.Implement fire-fighting laws and regulations; conduct fire-fighting publicity and education; assist fire-fighting departments in fire accidents;

7.  Undertake security management of large-scale activities. 





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