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No.1  Introduction of government bodies

Director: Wu Deneng

Room 309 of the Security Division, CCNU

Tel: 027-67861577

No.2  The functions of government bodies

1. Guide all staff of the division to study political theories; construct the team of the division leadership and the staff and improve their political caliber;

2. Undertake the general administration and examination of division reports and release documents;

3. Arrange work of the division and convene division meetings;

4. Study regularly security issues of the university and report to the leadership problems and solutions;

5. Allocate the staff to ensure important security work is fulfilled smoothly and to assist with the investigation of security caseoor accidents;

6. Guide the division in security work when senior officers or foreign guests visit the university and when large-scale school events are held;

7. Formulate expenditure planning of the division, and examine and approve appropriation expenditure.



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