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Functions of CCNU Security Division

No.1  Introduction of government bodies

 CCNU Security Division is in charge of security issues of the university.

No.2  The functions of government bodies

1. Undertake security publicity and education about the legal system, national security, social political stability and security defense; enhance the faculty and students’ sense of law and security; lay down relevant rules and regulations, and guard against and reduce criminal acts. 

2. Take strict precautions against domestic and foreign hostile forces, illegal religious forces, and forces of ethnic separatism, and prevent them from infiltrating into the university and inciting destructive activities; cope with disputes and emergencies; assist national security organs in preventing any act that may endanger national security.
3. Maintain school order; enhance security precautions in crucial spots of the university; take precautionary measures to guard against theft, robbery, fire, and any other accident that may disrupt public order.
4. Provide instructions to security staff of each department; participate in the comprehensive management of the social order and fulfill the role of security administration.

5. Report timely to the public security organs when there are any on-campus criminal or public security cases and preserve the crime scene; assist the police in investigating cases happened on campus; deal with public security disputes.

6. Manage traffic order of the university; maintain public order of the teaching area, living area and other public places.

7. Undertake security work for large-scale school events; assist school Department of Foreign Affairs in safeguarding the safety of foreign experts and international students; undertake security work when important leaders visit.

8. Keep track of the “key population” identified by the public security organs; manage the collective registered residence of the teaching staff and students’ registered residence; assist the public security organs in managing temporary and floating population.
9. Implement fire-control regulations; conduct fire safety inspections and remove fire hazards; carry out fire safety publicity and training; formulate emergency evacuation plan and organize fire drill.
10. Construct the school “110” and provide security service to faculty and students.

11. Undertake other tasks assigned by the university leadership or higher public security organs.



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