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The 4th Tibetan Culture Festival Party in CCNU Sparkles Night

Revision:Yang Haiyan Wang YingDate:2016/12/05

The 4th Tibetan Culture Festival Party in CCNU Sparkles Night

The 4th Tibetan Culture Festival Party kicked off on the evening of December 3rd at the fifth floor of College Students Activity Center, CCNU.

The gala has attracted more than an audience of 200, including Yang Changlin, a retired teacher of Wuhan University, who devotes himself to helping Tibetan college students in Wuhan and is called as“ Yang Abba” amiably by Tibetan students, and two teachers from Department of Student Affairs and Tibetan students.  

The party was opened with a biref introduction from four hosts wearing    Tibetan costumes, which brightened the eyes of audiences. A hostess among them unveiled the party by singing a Tibetan song named Zha Xi De Le.,During her singing, she was presented with a long white silk scarf , Ha da, representing the appreciation and blessings of Tibetan people.  

Then various performances characterized by Tibetan culture were showed in succession, the most impressive one among which was a mixture of tap dance and Tibetan dance, gaining a big round of applause. Audiences totally immersed themselves in this visual and auditory feast.  


Tap Dance

The party climaxed with a song about Chinese Long March sung by Prof. Yang Changlin. As an eighty-year-old man with grizzled hair, his loud and sonorous voice still abounded with excitement and enthusiasm. After Prof. Yang finished the song, the audiences broke into rapturous applause.  

The party, hosted by CCNU Department of Student Affairs and undertaken by all the Tibetan students of CCNU, not only carries forward and spreads Tibetan culture, but also contributes to the construction of campus culture.    

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