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Chinese-Korean Cultural Exchange: K-Pop Singing Contest

Revision:Liu Zhiji Tang AnqiDate:2016/12/04

Chinese-Korean Cultural Exchange: K-Pop Singing Contest

2016 K-Pop Singing Contest in Hubei was successfully held in CCNU Youth Theatre in the afternoon of Dec. 4th. Kim Myeong-Jin, a consul from Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Wuhan and professors from Korean department of School of Foreign Languages and Music College in CCNU were present as the judges in this amazing contest.  

20 competitors , either individuals or groups, came to CCNU for the singing contest from various majors and colleges in Wuhan. Their exciting pop songs and dynamic dance reflected the current K-pop trend and heatedly cheered all the audience up. Not only eminent performance but the quick quizzes about Korean culture set up a culturally interactive bridge, helping everyone there know more about Korea.  

Finally, consul Kim gave a conclusive speech at the end of the contest. He was extremely surprised by competitor’s well-prepared performance, which bespoke everyone’s strong interest in Korean contemporary culture. Even people in Korea may not know much about Korean contemporary culture, yet those Chinese competitors did an exceptional job on the stage in China. Kim wished that all people present could contribute to Chinese-Korean cultural communication. 

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