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From Campus Media to CCTV--the 38th The Talk of the Famous Celebrities

Revision:Zhang Yuzheng Wen XinDate:2016/12/01

From Campus Media to CCTV

the 38th The Talk of the Famous Celebrities

On the morning of December 1st , 2016, the 38th The Talk of the Famous Celebrities was held in the conference room of Model United Nations in the old library. Yu Renshan, who works as a senior planner in the Press Center of CCTV, delivered the lecture——From Campus Media to CCTV. With his personal experiences, he talked about the happiness and bitterness on the road of news writing, which shed light on the news for the students..

Before the lecture, the host gave a brief introduction of Mr. Yu and a warm welcome to him. Then, Mr. Yu delivered his speech from three aspects. He shared his experiences in the campus media Xing Huo Newspaper and paid great attention to platforms. He told the audience how to make use of the platforms you have to develop your abilities. He thought the campus media, as well as other platforms, will make you successful only if you work really hard . He then talked the qualities which a good reporter should possess and taught the audience how to make good interviews. He shared his understandings of life: one is to know how to deal with interpersonal relationships with positive energy and understanding, and the other is never being afraid of difficulties and being impatient with trifles. In the lecture, he talked about that even though his family was not rich, he never felt inferior to others. Instead he thanked the experiences during the hard time . After his speech, there came the Q & A session. A student from School of Fine Arts hoped Mr. Yu to share his insights about the public opinions. Mr. Yu praised the girls in-depth thought and shared his idea based on four basic steps: paying attention, observing, making quick responses and making actions. During the lecture, with the sense of humor, he also talked some interesting things in his school-days, which made the audience burst into laughter.

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