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Party Secretary Huang Xiaomei Meets with Professor Howard Alper, an Academician of The Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences

Revision:Xiang GuiminDate:2017/05/09

 Party Secretary Huang Xiaomei Meets with Professor Howard Alper,an Academician of The Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences  

   On April 27th, Huang Xiaomei, Party Secretary of CCNU met with Professor Howard Alper, an academician of the Royal Academician of Sciences in Canada and director of CCNU-UO Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis, in the administration hall. Related officials from School of Chemistry, Ministry of Scientific Research, Graduate School and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges attended the meeting.  


   Huang Xiaomei extended appreciation to Prof. Alper for his long-term support for the construction of chemistry in CCNU. She indicated that CCNU was currently committed to “the construction of first-class discipline , and chemistry was one of the key construction projects. CCNU warmly welcomed international experts and scholars to visit the university and join the construction. She also said that CCNU has been planning the discipline and infrastructure constructions of Liangzihu new campus, which would have profound impact on the next 100 years’ development of CCNU and CCNU also welcomes more experts as Prof. Alper to offer suggestions to CCNU’s discipline construction and development plan. She hoped the two universities could have further collaborations on short-term exchange of graduate students and joint training project.


   Professor Alper firstly put forward some suggestions on the construction of Joint Laboratory of Synthesis and Catalysis, mutual visits, the plan of increasing doctoral admissions and other projects. He indicated that high-quality scientific research achievement was the result of building the joint research center, promoting doctoral short-term exchange, teacher’s mutual visits and carrying out joint research, which improved the reputation of two school’s chemistry. Secondly, he introduced his leading experience in the development of University of Ottawa and high  development of chemistry as a vice president. He indicated that because the school officials widely listened to school organizations and received their understanding and support, the ranking of University of Ottawa rose sharply in the Canadian academic community. He emphasized that scientific research was of great significance in school’s development and he hoped CCNU could increase the number of doctors and strengthen the scientific research team.


    Prof. Alper is a world-famous chemist, an academician of Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences and an outstanding professor in University of Ottawa, who once served as dean of Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, vice president of University of Ottawa and chairman of the Canadian Science and Technology Innovation Committee. He has obtained a number of international top awards, such as gold award of Science and Engineering Gehard Hertzberg in 2000, gold award of Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in 2012 and the Republic of Italy Merit Award in 2014.


    For a long time, Professor Alper concentrates on promoting international collaborations and talent training in chemistry, medicine, biology and other fields. Many of his graduates occupy key positions in Chinese universities and enterprises. Since 2004, he has been keeping a stable cooperation research and joint talent training with CCNU, which makes great contributions to the construction of teachers and research team in CCNU.


   Under the active promotion of Prof. Apler, CCNU and University of Ottawa jointly established CCNU-UO International Joint Research Center in 2014. Prof. Alper serves as the director.






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