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Meet with the Aroma of Ink

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Meet With the Aroma of Ink

    With the curtain of top ten clubs evaluation falling, founded in April 2006, CCNU Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings not only won the precious award but also reaped laurels, ranking first among all the clubs. Recent years have witnessed quite a lot of changes and development of this association. And it has received the five-star communityhonorary title last semester.  

The Advisors for Normal Students Handwriting Skills Corporation was established on April 15th, 2016, composed of students who are fond of and good at Chinese Calligraphy. It aims at improving the normal students’ handwriting skills. Meanwhile, these two associations maintain friendly relationship and achieve mutual benefit. For example, most of the advisors are the member of CCNU Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings.


Chen Mohan, a sophomore majoring in English, is the current president of CCNU Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings and also a member of the Advisors for Normal Students Handwriting Skills. She enjoys a colorful and diverse school life. Apart from running the club, she is also minoringin literature. Besides that, in daily life, she is very outgoing and talkative. She really has many unique point of view , which often inspire her friend, so she shares a high reputation and prestige among her partners. What’s more, she is called “Little Drama Queen” ,a nickname acquired in both daily life and class.


                         Yang Miaoyu, a sophomore majoring in history, is the head of the Advisors for Normal Students Handwriting Skills and the former vice president of CCNU Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings. As one of the founders of the Advisors for Normal Students Handwriting Skills, he has devoted countless efforts to it. Thus, he is regarded as its “old father”. Besides, he is affectionately dubbed “water brother”.


On the afternoon of May 7th, I met them at their secret base, the calligraphy and painting room.


Upon entering the room, a thick smell of ink greeted my nostrils and encircled me. It was really a small but tidy room with Chinese calligraphy decorating the walls. They introduced those great calligraphy works were all written by their members. Prizes and all kinds of calligraphy books were well placed on the bookshelf. They sincerely said it was tiny but warm. People there were like families and they could talk about anything interesting with each other. One member said to me that staying at this room could broaden their horizons, deepen their thinking, and make them relaxed.  


The interview goes as follows.


Q1: How many members are there in the two organizations?

Chen: Almost 700. Every year we will recruit about 200 members, of whom ten to twenty percent are very active.  

Yang: There are 36 members in the Advisors for Normal Students Handwriting Skills.  

Q2: What kinds of activities do you have?  

Chen: We have a regular activity, which is teaching the green hand to improve their handwriting. And the featured activities are mainly held in the first half of the year such as the calligraphy competition, writing the couplets during the Spring Festival, and so on. Recently we held a calligraphy exhibition in the library.  

Yang: On every Friday, we have an internal training when the members exchange their ideas about how to write Chinese characters correctly and well and then practice. During the weekends, we will teach other students how to get a better handwriting.  

Q3: What have you gained in the two organizations?  

Chen: Needless to say, I’ve made great progress in my handwriting. It is very lucky that I have made a lot of like-minded friends. I cherish our friendship. Maybe years later, when we meet again, we would say, hey, your calligraphy is much better. Additionally, it has practiced my management ability. Although the club is somewhat small, it is complicated and delicate. Running a club does exercise my capabilities a lot.  

Yang: After two years’ hard work, I’ve got much improvement. I consider practicing calligraphy as “the fourth meal of the day”. Following the good example of the senior students, I spend much time on practice. But I suffered too many setbacks owing to not grasping the right way to practice. However, at last I make it and teach the right way to others. Last but not least, the friends I’ve made here are treasure in my life.  

Q4: what do you think of each other?  

Chen: He is a legendary man. It is he who makes huge contribution to the two organizations. He is exactly like the matchmaker in ancient China, keeping inviting those who have a good handwriting to join the two organizations. Once he sees beautiful handwriting, he wants to know who the writer is. Since he has a wide range of knowledge, he can strike up a conversation with everyone. Even the manager of the dining hall, who has a good handwriting, becomes his good friend. After talking with him, many students are persuaded to join him. They are attracted by his sincerity and enthusiasm. In addition, he can drive students around him to practice calligraphy. Liang Huibo, one of his roommates, is a good example. He was influenced to practice calligraphy and finally becomes an important member in the Advisors for Normal Students Handwriting Skills. Moreover, you can never imagine how amazing he is. He has followed more than 800 WeChat official accounts and has owned many resources. Because he likes to explore, he wants to own as many beneficial resources as possible. If he watches a video, he can get the complete set of it. And he can find what he wants immediately and use all kinds of skills to help others.  

He is born to love associating with others, sharing with others, and exploring. And diligence is the main reason for his success. He sets the pattern for others to follow.  

Yang: She is very responsible and commits herself to the club. Every notification she releases in the QQ group is very long, with elaborate and detailed contents. I am always impressed that she should handle this kind of job so well. Under her management, the club becomes a family. We make progress together and promote each other, forming a nice practicing atmosphere. There is always a clear picture of what should be done at what time in her mind and she never stops boosting herself. For example, she loves reading and has visited all the nice bookstores in Wuhan during her first year in the university. She has been excellent enough but she still thinks she can do better.  

It is her warm heart and nice personality that make her so outstanding. We can learn a lot from her.  

Q5: What do you want to say to other students?  

Chen: Study is important, but it is not the only thing. Your ability, thoughts, horizons are all essential. It is also crucial to develop a hobby to add color to the school life. As to the members, I only highlight that if they take practicing calligraphy seriously, getting satisfactory result is just a matter of time.  

Yang: We should persist in practicing for study is a life-long process. Whatever you do, your efforts will be paid off. In addition, life is beautiful. We need to appreciate the beauty around us.    


They both stick to what they love and struggle to be better. They are extraordinary but neither haughty nor humble. Getting along with them, one can be influenced to become positive and optimistic.  






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